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Frequently Asked Questions - Plasma Lifting

How Long Will It Take Before I See Improvement In My Skin?

You will begin to see improvements in your skin shortly after your treatment and these improvements will become more dramatic over time. Some studies report continued improvements for up to a year following treatment.

What If I Don't Have Time For Healing?

There is an option called Very Low Energy treatments. Plasma skin regeneration using the multiple (4 to 6 treatments) low-energy treatment technique allows significant successful treatment of photodamaged facial skin with minimal downtime. Results are comparable to a single...
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How Many Plasma Lifting Treatments Will I Need?

At higher energy levels you will need only 1 treatment. More treatments may be needed depending on your desired outcome, your skin condition and the level of improvement you are seeking relative to downtime.

What Can I Expect To See From Plasma Lifting?

You will see improvements in skin texture and tone, reduction in pore size and reduction of fine wrinkles at lower levels of treatment as well as reduction of deep wrinkles at higher levels of treatment. New healthier collagen growth will improve contours and enhance your overall...
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What Is Plasma Lifting Like?

Plasma lifting skin regeneration can be used to treat the entire face in about 45 minutes or just a selected area in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. 

How Does Plasma Lifting Work?

Plasma lifting is not a laser. Skin rejuvenation treatments typically involve ablating the skin. Plasma Lifting doesn't not ablate tissue, leaving the skin surface intact. 

Who Are The Best Candidates For Plasma Lifting?

Anyone looking to accomplish the following: Tighter facial skin and a more youthful appearance Improved skin tone and pigmentation Reducing wrinkles and fine lines Improve their acne and acne scars